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A guy and his dog

It's a picture of Ivan; chilling on top of a boat.What is this blog about? Started off as someplace to store a bunch of emails I wrote as I traveled with my stuffed dog Ivan. Then I traveled some more and added those posts to this site rather than writing out new emails. Wrote some articles for a student mag and added them as well. Then I forgot all about it for a while and it got deleted; cause I am stupid.

But Ivan and I are going traveling again so I’ve starting putting the site back together. Gonna take a while I assume to get it all back to what it was. Especially cause I’m not 100% sure I’ve even got some of my orginal posts backed up in email. Then there’s all the photos I had on here; they are stored on my old gmail photo album so I can get them but will have to relink and all that jazz. Oh and there’s all the comments I had; well they’re gone for good. Which is poo cause comments was one of the coolest things about having a blog. Well the real comments were cool. There was also a lot of spam which would show up and was a hassle.

Anyway; lets get this thing back on the road. Not even sure if I will be writing as much this trip but I’ll try. At least I’ll post some photos or interesting maps cause that’s always fund for me to look at later and go “oh yeah; I did do that”.


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